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Hospitality for the Homeless

About The Grace Inn

Housing homeless adults in a safe, dignified and hospitable environment.

After two years of labour and community support, the doors of Grace INN Shelter opened December 16th, 2019. Grace INN, located at 315 Church St. is a 21 bed emergency shelter for adults in downtown Belleville, with a special focus on dignity, community and mentorship.

Every night in our city there are people with nowhere to go. Some sleep on park benches, a tent in the woods or a strangers couch. Others stay up all night in 24 hour coffee shops. Grace INN is changing that.

Homelessness is, among other things, a series of losses. A loss of a home of course, but often also, a loss of relationships, a loss of choices, a loss of safety, a loss of hope.

Grace INN works to restore dignity to the difficult experience of homelessness, helping people to feel safe, valued, and empowered. 

What does dignity look like in a homeless shelter? For starters, Grace INN provides semi-private bedrooms, instead of a gymnasium filled with cots; lockers, so that people can sleep well, knowing that their belongings are safe; access to shower and laundry facilities for personal use, as well as opportunities for mentorship and community.

Grace INN is committed to meeting the emergency needs of as many as possible, and giving them the help they need, making homelessness a part of their past and not their future.

At Grace INN We Believe…

In God the Father ,who has made all people in His image. (Genesis 1:27)

In Jesus His Son, who demonstrated the power of love, by giving his life as a substitutionary sacrifice for us. (John 3:16)

In the Holy Spirit, who empowers us to make a difference in the world. (Rom 15:13)

The bible is the inspired, word of God, that it is a revelation of His love for humanity,  that it is without error and that it provides answers for life’s deepest questions. (2Tim 3:16)

In the power of prayer, as a means of talking with God, knowing that He hears us and even answers our prayers. (John 16:24)

That the issues of poverty and justice are near to the heart of God, and that caring for those in need is a direct expression of our faith in Him. (Matt 25:40)

Board of Directors

  • Jodie Jenkins – Board Chair
  • Kevin Dowling – Vice- Chair
  • Michelle Stephens – Treasurer
  • Shawn Stickler – Member
  • Jeremy Ashley – Member

Leadership Team

  • Rob Crisp – Executive Director
  • Ashley Vader – Director of Operations

Financial Statements

Mission and Core Values

Mission Statement

Housing homeless adults in a safe, dignified and hospitable environment, by meeting essential needs, providing compassionate mentors, and advocating for a future with hope.

Our Values


We extend hospitality to our guests in a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere.


We affirm that each individual is of intrinsic, God-given value.


We are a voice in the community for those in need.


We inspire hope and renewal through intentional, life-giving relationships.


We share the heart of Jesus through grace, compassion, and mercy.