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Grace Inn Shelter 

The doors of Grace Inn Shelter opened to the community December 16th, 2019. Grace Inn is a 21 bed emergency shelter for adults in downtown Belleville, with a special focus on dignity, community and mentorship.

Did you know that Belleville does not currently have an emergency shelter?

Every night in our city there are people with nowhere to go. Some sleep on park benches, a tent in the woods or a strangers couch.  Others stay up all night in 24 hour coffee shops.  We want to change that.  You can help.

Homelessness is, among other things, a series of losses.  A loss of a home of course, but often also a loss of relationships, a loss of choices, a loss of safety, a loss of hope.   Grace Inn seeks to restore dignity to the difficult experience of homelessness, helping people to feel safe, valued, and empowered.  What does dignity look like in a homeless shelter?  For starters, semi-private bedrooms instead of a gymnasium filled with cots, lockers so that people can sleep well knowing that their belongings are safe, and access to shower and laundry facilities, as well as opportunities for mentorship and community.