Hospitality for the Homeless

Grace Inn Shelter is a 21-bed emergency shelter for adults experiencing homelessness in Belleville, with a special focus on dignity, community and mentorship.

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Bed Spaces

Each guest is provided a semi-private space with a bed and footlocker for clothing and hygiene products to be stored.

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Basic Needs

Guests have unlimited access to essential items for personal hygiene, clothing, and self care.

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Meal Program

Every morning Guests are provided with a full breakfast to prepare them for a successful day and a hot dinner during intake at night.

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Guest Services

Grace Inn Shelter offers Systems Navigation for individuals using overnight shelter services looking for support in accomplishing goals that improve their overall wellbeing.

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Housing Sustainability Program

Shiloh House is a 5 bedroom + 1 Accessible studio unit transitional house for male identifying individuals. Shiloh House is a housing sustainability program paired alongside an exceptional transition house.

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Latest News + Volunteer Opportunities at Grace Inn

History of Grace Inn

Grace Inn is a multifaceted agency within the Hastings County region supporting those experiencing homelessness. Grace Inn Shelter opened December 16th, 2019 to provide Hastings County’s first and only homeless shelter.


Get Involved – Volunteering at Grace Inn

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How You’re Changing Lives

Welcome to Shiloh House.

“Shiloh” is a Hebrew term for resting or sanctuary, providing a resting space or sanctuary to every resident after experiencing homelessness

Under the Grace Inn umbrella, Shiloh House opened in 2022, providing transition housing for eligible residents.

What is Shiloh House?

Shiloh House is a 5 bedroom + 1 Accessible studio unit transitional house for male identifying individuals. Shiloh House is a housing sustainability program paired alongside an exceptional transition house. The housing readiness program aims to equip all residents of Shiloh House with the necessary skills to prepare them for permanent, stable housing after they have completed the program. The transition house ensures every resident has a safe and stable place to live for up to 364 days, equipped with a full kitchen, 24 hours staffing supports and opportunities to take ownership over the space.

Transitioning to Housing

Who is Eligible?

Shiloh has very specific eligibility requirements an individual must possess in order to be considered for participation. With Shiloh House being a housing readiness program, residents are required to participate in mandatory programming.

Successful residents will work up to 25 hours a week through case management, workshops, education, employment, or training opportunities. A resident will not be asked to begin their housing search until roughly 4 months of residency so they have enough time to learn more skills and finish completing their short terms goals.

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Support from Our Community!

Belleville’s emergency shelter would not be possible without community support.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


It is an incredible honour to be part of each individual’s journey to hope and healing.

Vince P. came to Ontario from Nova Scotia in 2020 to take care of his dying uncle. In April of 2021 his uncle was moved to the hospital where it was clear he would not be returning home. This left Vince experiencing homelessness for the very first time in his life as he was no longer able to remain at his uncle’s home after being displaced by other family members.

May 21st, 2021 Vince came to stay at Grace Inn Shelter subsequently running out of funds to support his stay in a motel. He connected with our Systems Navigator looking for supports to get back to Nova Scotia where he had been living for many years prior to becoming the main caregiver for his uncle.


“On July 1 of last year my son, mom and I became homeless due to circumstances, the worst time of my life. We stayed in a car for a month, when my mom passed away on July 27, from then we slept at the library with our dog. By that time we knew that it was going to get colder and I would not be able to go to work from there for long. Also my dog would not survive.

We fostered our dog on Nov. 13 and a spot opened up for us at the Grace Inn Shelter. For me right from the beginning the staff were very compassionate and were always asking if I was OK and if I needed anything. I was still working and they provided an awesome lunch and even woke me up when I asked.

The staff were also there for my physical needs as well. Supper meals were the best and I always looked forward to 9pm to see what they were serving. But as of Apr.11 I went into transitional housing. I stop by the shelter almost every day to see the staff that had helped me and my son through the worst time of my life.”


Homelessness can be like an airport. You see people young and old. You see people of all races, ethnicities, and walks of life. All of them have their own unique story.

I was blessed to have the help of the Grace Inn staff. They gave me direction, motivation, and support. It took many tries to find stable housing. There were a lot of skills I had to relearn and healthy routines I had to get back into. The process is still ongoing but I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Grace Inn staff, friends, and family.


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Do you or someone you know need short term housing? Call us 613-966-2898

(In the case of medical emergencies, call 9-1-1)